Healthy Foods Tips in Urdu for Toddlers


Toddlers are children from the ages 1 to 6 years of age. This is the age, where the child’s body, brain, internal systems and overall health is developing. For this crucial development, all the basic nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water are needed in appropriate quantities. But babies and toddlers of this age are very notorious and are picky about their favorite foods, which not always be healthy for them. Therefore, it is surely a challenge for parents to put together some healthy foods for toddlers that provide not only nutrition but also help in developing a taste for these foods. However, you need not worry about the task, as there are many healthy foods, which will do both the jobs at the same time and you won’t have a naughty toddler, but an obedient one! Here are some healthy foods for young children, take a look.

Healthy Eating for Toddlers

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One of the biggest reasons why toddlers are picky about healthy foods is because, they are more attracted to colorful preparations which might not always be healthy. According to the “kid’s food pyramid”, which is intended for children within the age group of 2 to 6, toddlers are supposed to be eating the same healthy foods as adults, but in lesser quantities to avoid the calories.

Therefore, it is said that only 1,300 cals per day, is what an average toddler would require for a healthy diet. Depending on these strategies, feeding your toddlers with healthy food would mean, providing them with the appropriate amount of nutrition and avoiding overeating. In the coming up paragraphs, we have a few healthy foods for toddlers which will give you an idea, about what preparations you could make out of them. Read on for some healthy foods to eat.

Vegetables Make You Superman!
My mom always told me, eating vegetables will make strong, pretty, intelligent and smarter than my sister! Well, that was the bribe I got for eating vegetables, but most parents convince their toddlers that Superman always eats vegetables. To make their immune system stronger and for a better development of the nervous system, it is very important to feed about 1 cup of vegetables per day to toddler, in their first few years. Vegetables contain vitamins, fiber and minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, zinc) which are also required for building and strengthening bone structure. Thus, you can provide these iron rich foods for toddlers either cooked or uncooked, cut into small pieces or blended with milkshakes.

Fresh, Delicious and Fruity
In case of fruits, I am sure none of the toddlers are choosy! Fruits are juicy, full of taste and definitely a hit among toddlers. The average amount of fruits per day is 1 cup of pure fruit without additions like milk, water, etc. You can feed them fruit juices which are pure, to provide them with an adequate amount of fiber and vitamins. These can help in healthy digestion, and regulated bowl movements which are very important at this age of growth. You can come up with some delicious and healthy recipes for toddlers.

Grains and Useful Gains
Another most recommended among the healthy foods for toddlers are grains, which should be 3 serving per day. One slice of bread, 1 cup of rice or pasta, or 1 cup of cereal, oatmeal or a peanut butter sandwich and other whole grain foods can make a very healthy meal throughout the day for your baby. Grains are known as the high fiber foods for toddlers, and they contain proteins and amino acids which are required to build proteins in your body. Proteins help in building muscle and tissues, so that the bone structure is supported and your toddler looks healthy.

What’s Better Than Milk?
When a baby is born, breast milk and then formula milk is the source of nutrition for it. Toddlers are recommended to consume at least 2 cups of milk every day, to build their bones stronger and healthier. Milk and dairy products like yogurt, cheese, etc., are the best baby foods and consist of calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and other essential fatty acids for a healthy metabolism in the body. Therefore, milk has to be included for toddlers.

Lots of Vitamin B and Proteins
Vitamin B is something which is a very crucial ingredient in the making of a healthy body and better metabolism during growth. Meat is the best source of vitamin B complex and proteins, thus should be included in a toddler’s diet. Healthy eating for toddlers can also include other foods like fish, poultry, dry beans, seeds and nuts, legumes, and small quantities of red meat. You can prepare some yummy finger foods for toddlers. All these foods put together will make your toddler a healthy and strong individual in his/her initial age.

With these healthy foods for toddlers, I am sure you are convinced that a balanced diet which would include all the above mentioned foods is what your baby needs. So, make sure you provide them with everything they need for a healthy and strong body, such as “Superman’s”.

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